Effortlessly Keep Jewelry Customers Coming Back

Streamline operations and deepen customer connections. Our system ensures your jewelry store remains a part of your customer’s every milestone celebration.

Streamline Jewelry Operations

Manage your jewelry business efficiently with a comprehensive system that integrates sales, appointments, and customer management.
DeliverAI Dashboard

Jeweler’s Contact Hub

Store detailed profiles of your customers, including their jewelry purchases, contact details, and significant dates, all in one accessible place.

Online Scheduler

Allow customers to effortlessly schedule jewelry consultations and fittings directly on your website, with automatic sync to their profiles for maximum convenience.
appointment management

Own Your Schedule

Optimize your schedule with settings that support multiple staff, holidays, and integrate seamlessly with existing digital calendars.
More Repeat Customers
Our jewelry stores see increased customer return rates by 50% within the first year of using our personalized marketing system, celebrating every significant occasion with their clients.
Returning Customers
2 Hours
Saved daily in phone calls avoided with online appointments.
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Here is what your workflow will look like with DeliverAI. Start crafting lasting relationships today. Request a demo and see how our specialized software can elevate your customer engagement.
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Customer Books Appointment Online
Customers will book appointments with our online appointment booking portal which can be added to your website directly. You will see these appointments in the dashboard. All additional data points like birthdays, anniversaries etc can be input as well.
Automated Marketing Campaigns
We will enroll the customers in different marketing sequences with product recommendations and wishes, depending on various factors such as birthday dates, anniversary dates, their past purchases, and more.
Build Long Lasting Relationship
Customers receive marketing campaigns, book appointments, visit the store, get on a call with you, leave you a good review online, and many more possibilities. Increasing your customer retention and loyalty, making you part of their journey.

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